iPad Air 2

Repair Features

  • Standard Warranty on All Repairs.
  • Trained for iPad Air 2  repair.
  • Fast and on time repair.
  • Reasonable price for your repairs.
  • Fix most fault in iPad Air 2.
  • Manufacturer specification followed.


Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

Liquid Damage

Time Frame: 1-2 days

Charging Port

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours


Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

Data Recovery

Time Frame: 1-2 Days


Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

Headphone jack

Time Frame: 3-4 Hours

Charging Port

Time Frame: 45 Minutes

The iPad Air 2 is the second-generation iPad Air tablet computer designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It was announced on October 16, 2014, alongside the iPad Mini 3, both of which were released on October 22, 2014. The iPad Air 2 is thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor, the first-generation iPad Air, and features Touch ID with the height, width and screen size the same as the iPad Air.

The first-generation iPad Pro replaced the iPad Air 2 as the flagship iPad model, with the 9.7 inch version releasing March 31, 2016, and the Air 2 being relegated as the mid-range iPad model.

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