Almost everyone has accidentally damaged their phone with water or some form of liquid in their lifetime. Whether it is accidentally dropping it on a wet area or unintentionally spilling some drinks on it, almost all of us in some ways are guilty of that. When that occurs, it is not surprising that what comes to our minds are the thoughts that we should be putting it in rice. These thoughts are most often than not, is because we have heard from our friends and read from some online website. But is this true, or is it just a myth?

It might sound surprising to some, but it is a complete myth that you can fix a water-damaged phone by using rice. When the internal parts of any mobile phone get in contact with water, corrosion occurs almost instanteously. It is even faster if the water is salt water which can be from the beach or ocean.

Many people think that rice can effectively absorb moisture from water-damaged phones. This thought occurred because of a similar practice used in the analogue camera industry. Decades ago, it was typical for camera equipment and films to be stored in raw rice to keep them dry in a tropical climate. It helps to protect the camera equipment from dust, mould and fungus. However, rice is known to have low moisture capacity and therefore, as years passed, silica gel was used instead.

It is essential to understand that because of the low moisture capacity of rice, putting a water-damaged phone in rice to fix it does not work. Instead, you are increasing the chance of damaging your phone further as wait, hoping that the rice would soak all the water from your phone. The longer you delay from sending it to a mobile repair specialist, the higher the chance of damaging your phone further as corrosion is a continuous process. It does not stop just because you are putting it in rice.

If you read on certain websites, some websites are spreading incorrect information that you should put your water-damaged phone in rice for a few days. If you do this, there is a significant chance that your more internal parts would be damaged beyond recovery and might need a full replacement.

Now that you know the real facts, what should you do if you drop your phone in water in future?

Firstly, you should immediately turn off your phone. If your phone is still left on, it can cause irreparable damage as water can cause the electric current to run across internal parts of your phone in unintended ways.

The next step would be to wipe it as dry as you possibly can to avoid more water or liquid from getting in your phone.

You should now quickly bring your phone to a mobile repair shop. Every second count so does not procrastinate. You should always try your best to bring it in the same day, preferably within a few hours to maximise the chance of full recovery via a proper repair by a mobile phone repair specialist.

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