It is a great feeling starting with a brand new iPhone that can last all day even when you are binge-watching on Youtube, Netflix or some random Tik Tok videos for hours. However, it is not surprising that this enjoyment does not last longer than a few years as all phone batteries wear down after some time. As your iPhone battery life wears down, its power capacity diminishes and the number of hours it can run reduces.

If you have already charged your iPhone for over 500 times, it is normal for it not to lasts long anymore. It should be time to replace your battery. iOS unfortunately does not show how many times your battery has been charged before. But the good news is that there are methods for you to check on your battery’s health and to check out the time for you to replace it.

Checking Your Iphone’s Battery Health

Go to Settings, then Battery and press on Battery Health. On that screen, you will see the maximum capacity of your current battery. This compares the current capacity as compared to its capacity when it was brand new. When your phone is older, which means it has been charged more times, it would undoubtedly have a lower capacity. For example, if you have used your phone for almost 2 years and has charged it over 500 times, your current capacity might only be 70%.

On the battery health screen, you should also be able to see the peak performance capability. If your phone battery is showing the message that it can currently support normal peak performance, that means your phone battery is still healthy.

However, if you see the warning message that your phone’s battery health has significantly degraded, that means your battery is no longer healthy and it is time to replace it.

Knowing The Time to Replace Your Iphone’s Battery

Besides, the warning message above, there are other signs which you can use to know when it is the time to replace your iPhone’s battery.

One of the sign to know is when you are experiencing unexpected shutdowns. If your phone suddenly powers off, you need to recalibrate your phone. If that does not work, your iPhone likely needs a battery replacement.

Some people may also experience situations whereby their iPhones work when plugged in. In these situations, bad battery is a likely cause and signals the need for a battery replacement.

Another common sign when it is time to replace is when your iPhone is unusually hot. It is normal for your phone to feel slightly hot when you are performing resource-draining activities on your phone such as streaming high definition videos or playing games that use a lot of phone resources. However, if your iPhone is feeling too hot to touch, it can be due battery issues.

In all cases, if you need a battery replacement, you should always take your phone to a mobile repair shop to get it changed. Especially with all iPhone models and all newer Samsung models whereby the batteries are inbuilt, it is best to get it replaced by a specialist at a mobile phone shop.

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