One question that frequently comes to mind when you encounter a significant phone problem is whether you should upgrade or repair your phone. Nowadays when improvements to phone is becoming less significant, the need of upgrading a phone is becoming less. Cameras on a phone are already very good, and in most cases, it might not warrant the high cost to upgrade your phone to enjoy slightly better camera images. The same applies to speed. Most phones nowadays, such as iPhone X and Samsung Note 10, are already very fast, so it reduces the need to upgrade to future models.

However, if your current phone gets damaged, you might consider upgrading instead of repairing. So, is upgrading worth it compared to repairing?

Let’s look at the example of a cracked phone screen of a high-end model such as Samsung Note 10. Getting your cracked phone screen replaced at a mobile phone repair shop might cost you $300-$350, for example. However, assuming Note 11 is released and you consider to upgrade to that instead of repairing your current Samsung Note 10 screen, you might end up spending many times more. If the price is $1500, then you would be paying an additional $1150-$1200. Is this worth it?

It would be best if you only upgraded your phone if you need specific hardware or features which is only available on the new phone. But if do not need, it would be entirely uneconomical for upgrade your phone to avoid fixing a problem on your current phone, especially if the repair cost is only a fraction of a brand new phone.

The same concept applies to most phone damage issues, including audio and connectivity issues. Sometimes, all that needs to be done is to replace a specific chip such as an audio chip to fix a particular problem, and it is something that can be fixed under $200.

In the past, when phones were not so expensive and when every new phone had a significant leap in technology, upgrading a phone to avoid fixing a current phone problem was once a feasible option. As an example, during the Motorola Motorazr generation more than a decade ago, a brand new Motorazr might cost $350 but repairing phone screen might cost $150. As the repair cost is almost half of a new generation of Motorazr was much better than the previous version, some owners during that time preferred to upgrade their phone.

However, times have now changed. In the age we are living now, every new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel is not significantly better than its previous model. The technology leap between each model is no longer huge. It is not possible for manufacturers to keep adding additional camera lenses, similar to how the megapixels race ended years ago.

As such, when it comes to repairing your phone now, the phone repair cost in most cases is just a fraction of a brand new phone. Therefore, if you are encountering any phone damage issues, bring it into a mobile phone repair shop to get it repaired. You will save much more this way.

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