General Maintenance Repairs

It is very typical for us to think of fixing our phone whenever we encounter any phone issues or damage. If the phone issue is simply a matter of software issue, you could fix it on your own if you do not mind spending some time on it. However, if it is a hardware issue, it is very likely more advantageous to get it professionally repaired at a mobile phone repair shop. Here are five reasons why you should get your phone professionally repaired compared to attempting to repair your phone yourself:

1) Saves Time

The time it takes you to fix your phone includes the time you spend on research, finding and buying the tools and trying to fix it. When you calculate the number of hours it takes, do not be surprised if it is many more hours than what you initially expected. Even worse, when the issue is not successfully fixed, you would be spending even more time troubleshooting and trying new methods. Besides losing more time, you are also losing more money.

2) Saves Hassle

When you send your phone to get it professionally repaired, the only effort you need to take is to bring the phone to the shop and collect it when it is done. However, if you are fixing yourself, you need to make the effort to source the parts and wait for the parts. It can take days and if some parts are hard to get in Australia, you might even spend weeks waiting for the parts to arrive from overseas. During this time, you will suffer the hassle of not having a properly working phone and also the hassle of waiting.

2) Success Rate

By getting your phone professionally repaired, you are assured that it would be successfully fixed compared to fixing it yourself. The failure rate when fixing yourself is usually high. This is because an ordinary person lacks the expertise, knowledge and advance tools as compared to a mobile repair specialist who has years of experience behind him.

4) Warranty

A professional mobile phone repair service also usually comes with a warranty which gives you peace of mind. If you fix yourself, you would have to worry that the same problem can occur again. Perhaps you thought that you successfully replaced a specific part but little did you know that because you did not connect it properly, the connection becomes loose and you get a new problem.

5) Saves Money

This might sound surprising, but you would likely save more money by getting your phone professionally repaired than repairing it yourself. As an example, an OLED screen replaced by a professional might costs $200-$300, including the screen. If you are replacing it yourself, you need to probably spend almost $200 to buy the replacement screen and tools. You might think you would save a bit, but in reality, you forgot to count in your time. If you are spending 3 hours to source the parts and another 4 hours researching on how to replace and then fixing it, that means you had lost 7 hours. If you work 7 hours in your regular job, you would probably be earning $150-$300 or more. So if you think about it, you would end up losing more money by trying to fix it yourself especially when you take in account of the lost income because of the time sacrificed in trying to fix it yourself.

In conclusion, leave your worry and phone problems with a mobile repair specialist who has the expertise, knowledge and tools to fix it for you.

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