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Accidentally cracking your phone screen is a normal occurence. You might be walking while holding several items and out of a sudden, you drop your phone on the road and the screen cracks. You might think that it is just a crack and as you want to save money, you pass it off as an unfortunate incident and continue using the phone with a cracked screen for the coming years. However, what you may not realise are some important aspects to consider which would probably change your mind on this. Here are 5 reasons why you should replace your phone’s cracked screen:

1) Risk of Injury
Cracked glass can easily cut you, especially when it is sharp. Besides the cut, fragments of tiny glass sharps embedding into the tip of your finger is something you would only want to see in a horror movie and not on your own finger. Initially, you might not think it can cut you especially if the cracked glass are on the same level. However, as time passes, one area of the screen can be slightly higher than the other due to applied pressure. Each time you press a part of your screen, pressure is applied. Over time, if one area of the screen is slightly higher or lower due to the cracked screen, the risk of you cutting your finger when you slide your finger is real. It is just not worth risking.

2) Cracking to Shattering
A phone with a cracked screen can continue to crack especially when you are applying pressure on it. From a cracked screen, it can easily become shattered. Using your phone with a cracked screen is just like using a car with a slit tire. It can be just a matter of time when the problem becomes bad to worse and much worse.

3) Exposure to Further Damage
It is important to understand that a normal screen protects your phone. When your phone screen is cracked, the protection is compromised. Just think of a car. If your car windscreen is cracked, an animal on the road that is accidentally hit can quickly fly through your windscreen and injure you and everything that is inside your car. The same applies to your phone. When the display screen is cracked, and you accidentally drop it again, all internal components are more susceptible to impact damage due to compromised structural protection. No matter the reason, it is not feasible to expose your internal phone components to a higher risk of damage just to save some money by avoiding the need to replace your cracked phone screen. When the internal phone components get damage, it would even cost way to fix everything. Therefore, it is important to consider the bigger picture and not to just focus on the screen replacement cost part.

4) Looks Unprofessional
Having a phone with a cracked screen looks unprofessional. Imagine walking in into a job interview with a cracked phone screen. It would not give your job interviewer a good impression and can decrease your chances of presenting yourself favourably. Or just imagine if you are taking out a person on a date and taking selfie photos together on a cracked phone screen.

Save yourself from such situations and get your cracked phone screen replaced at a mobile phone repair shop. It is worth the replacement.

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