Guide To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Unresponsive Issue

iPhone is one of the high-end phones available in the market, designed by Apple Inc that is known for its elegant and sleek design of its devices. iPhone users take pride in their phones, for they consider it a part of the luxury segment. This phone has a capacitive touch screen, which gives a soft and smooth multi-touch sensing experience. Sometimes your touchscreen might freeze and give you some problems by being unresponsive to touch, no matter how many times you tap or swipe. But don’t go rushing to the nearest phone store for your iPhone screen repair. There are various reasons that your iPhone touchscreen is not responding. 

You Can Try To Fix It In Several Ways.

  • Usually, it’s just a trivial issue, like your hands being wet or greasy. If your screen is smudged, or dirty it might not respond to any swipe or tap. Clean your screen with a soft cloth, and try to swipe and tap on it with clean dry hands.
  • Try to investigate if your screen is unresponsive most of the time, or do you encounter this issue only while using some particular app. If it is later, then try uninstalling and reinstalling that particular app.
  • Sometimes a software update might cause a problem with your touch screen. The subsequent software update will fix this problem.
  • Try Powering off and on your phone. If this does not fix the problem, then try doing a hard reset. Hard reset is different for different iPhone models.
    • For older iPhone models, you hard reset by pressing and holding the power button along with the home buttons down at the same time. Wait for a couple of seconds, and release those buttons, when you see the Apple logo on the screen.
    • In iPhone 7 and 7plus, you can do a hard reset by pressing and holding the power button with the volume down button at the same time. Wait for a few seconds, and release those buttons, when you see the Apple logo on the screen.
    • For iPhone 8 and latest models, do the hard reset by pressing and releasing the volume up button, then pressing and releasing the volume down button. Next press and hold the side button, till the Apple logo appears.

Caution: Do this as a last resort, for it might restore your touchscreen working, but it might cause software issues because it abruptly stops all of the background processes.

  • If your touch screen is still giving you problems, then backup your phone and try restoring your iPhone to its factory settings.
  • A damaged screen will cause a hardware fault, which is also most likely to cause touchscreen issues.

Even after trying the above fixes, your iPhone screen is still unresponsive, then it’s time to visit your nearest iPhone repair service center. They will run a thorough diagnostic check and tell you what’s wrong. You might be able to get your current screen fixed or will have to go in for a new one. You should ensure genuine parts guarantee from the service center along with warranty service for the work they do to fix your iPhone.


Your iPhone touch screen is quite a complex yet sleek component. For more information regarding fixing your touchscreen issues, search phone repairs near me, and visit us at

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