No matter how hard we try or how careful we are with our phone, we still end up getting broken screens. While in some cases the damage is minor, the instances lead to severe damages. The minor issues don’t affect the device in any way, but the extensive damages make it hard to use the iPhone rightly. In such cases, people consider purchasing a new phone as they think repairing the screen will cost them a huge amount. But it is far from reality.

Choosing iPhone screen repair over purchasing a new device comes with several benefits like

  1. Cost-effective repairs

When your iPhone screen is broken or damaged, you can take it to a nearby centre to get it repaired. The cost of repairing the screen won’t be much compared to purchasing a new phone. For instance, a damaged screen can cost you $199, while buying a new phone will cost you $500 or more.

In fact, even though you are willing to purchase a new phone, your broken screen won’t bring much amount when you resale it. Therefore, repairing the screen is an affordable choice one can make.

  1. Frugal retail price

Replacing the iPhone with a phone’s new model will require to pay the full retail price. In simple terms, the phone would definitely come at a high rate. Even a used device purchase is sometimes much more expensive, and it might cost equal to a completely new store-bought phone. Therefore, it is wise to get the phone screen repaired whenever possible but not purchase a new phone.

  1. Insurance coverage

In case you have purchased iPhone insurance along with the phone through the company itself, then you can ask them if the warranty policies include screen repairs. Accidental damages are covered by insurance (most of it).  So, when you have insurance, make sure to know about all the facts before using it. Further, depending upon the severity of the damage, the company can charge you some fees, but they will cover most of the repair cost, which certainly will be much less than purchasing a new iPhone.

  1.  Warranty period

One must also see if the phone is still under warranty offered from the company side. In case the phone is under warranty, then make sure you visit the store for necessary repair and support. One of the biggest advantages of getting your iPhone screen repaired from the Apple Store is receiving fast services.

These are some of the benefits you can get by opting for iPhone screen repair rather than purchasing a new phone and increasing the cost. Once your screen is fixed, make sure to use a glass protector to prevent the screen from cracking or further damage.

Choose a reliable repair shop for better services

If you have an iPhone broken screen and you cannot decide between purchasing a new phone on getting the screen repaired, then there are several things you can keep in mind before you make the final decision. For instance, if only your screen is damaged and the phone is working right, then purchasing new devices is an unnecessary expense. Better bring your device to Fix A Phone get the screen repaired at a fair price. The best part of our iPhone repair is our technicians ensure to complete the repair work in the shortest time possible, meaning you get the phone back either in an hour or on the same day.

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